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Accessible parking

Vehicle circulation is restricted in the old town, but the staff at the information desk can arrange for vehicle access to the entrance of the Episcopal Palace, should you require it.

There are two parking spaces for People with Reduced Mobility (PRM) within 200 meters of the Museum entrance. One is located at Avinguda Mare de Déu del Claustre, 20 (in front of the Funeral Home), and the other is at the municipal parking lot in Plaça de les Moreres.

Information Desk

The information and customer service desk is situated in the building lobby. To access it, you need to climb a small flight of stairs which are not adapted for persons with reduced mobility.

Access and tour

Access to the Museum is through the entrance door of the Episcopal Palace at street level, and you need to climb a flight of stairs (equipped with a platform lift) to access the building’s elevator. To use it, you need to notify the staff at the information point; you can do so by calling the Museum’s telephone number (973482101) or from the intercom system.

The itinerary for visiting the permanent collection covers different vertical levels, most of which can be reached by elevator or platform lifts.

The temporary exhibition hall is on the same level as the lobby and is currently not wheelchair accessible.

Most of the rooms at the museum are equipped with double doors that can be fully opened. The doors along the route are automatic sliding doors and there are no narrow corridors or obstacles that hinder circulation.

Accessible toilets

Accessible toilets are available on the ground floor for people with reduced mobility.


Clear directional signage is provided throughout the Museum to guide visitors through the linear route of the permanent collection. Pictograms are used to indicate the function and purpose of each space, making it easy for visitors to navigate the different areas of the Museum.

Location map

A map of all the visitable areas of the Museum is available at the entrance lobby and on the leaflet provided with the admission ticket. The historical periods are identified with color codes that match the colors of the labels of each room, hence the visitors can quickly identify where they are and what they are looking at.

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