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The museum in the region

Under the protection of the Madonna AND CHILD of the Cloister

Erected alongside the Portal del Pont (“Gate of the Bridge”), Solsona Cathedral dominates the entrance to the city. The entire cathedral appears to be of the colour of the land surrounding it.

The old Romanesque canonical temple, whose apse and bell tower can easily be spotted, had a delicate cloister, many elements of which survive to this day. The church was rebuilt in the Gothic style and converted into a cathedral in the late 16th century. Nonetheless, certain elements still hark back to its Romanesque past. These include the beautiful sculpture of the Madonna and Child of the Cloister, linked to the workshop of Gilabertus de Tolosa and one of the finest creations of the entire 12th century. The image is the object of the devotion of the people of Solsona, who have maintained the tradition of her miracles over the centuries.

Next to the church and occupying the top level of its cloister lies the Museu Diocesà i Comarcal de Solsona, with its important archaeological, Romanesque and Gothic collections, including much of the sculptural group of the Romanesque cloister.

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