Museum of Solsona




Sarcophagus. Grave of Hug de Copons

  • Pere Moragues
  • Polychrome stone sculpture
  • 126 x 180 x 65 cm
  • Around 1360
  • Origin: church of Sant Julià del Llor, Torrefeta i Florejacs (La Segarra)

MDCS 131

This tomb contained the body of the knight Hug de Copons, originally from Anoia, who died in 1354 during the war expedition carried out by King Peter IV of Aragon on the island of Sardinia. The inscription reads: “XVIII dies de hvitubri anno Domini MCCC quinquagesimo qarto mori lonrat nvuch de copons encerdenya en aiuda del senyor rei del qual aportaren la osa aci e iav en aquesta tomba”. Flanking this inscription are the heraldic emblems of the family, represented by a shield with a ciborium in the centre.

Originally, this sepulchre was located in the church of Sant Julià de Llor and was moved to the museum during the last Spanish Civil War.

On the lid of the sarcophagus is the recumbent figure of the knight dressed in full armour, resting his feet on the back of his dog brachet. The restoration uncovered remnants of the original polychromy.

It is considered one of the finest examples of Catalan Gothic sculpture and is attributed to the sculptor Pere Moragues.

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