Museum of Solsona




Madonna and child

  • Polychrome wood sculpture
  • 81.5 x 36.5 x 26.5 cm
  • Second half of the 12th century
  • Origin: church of Santa Maria de Gualter, La Baronia de Rialb (La Noguera)?

MDCS 272 

Image of the Madonna with the Child seated on her lap. She is dressed in a tunic and cloak and is wearing shoes. The Child has short, curly hair and no crown and is seated on his Mother’s knee. His hands are missing. Points of note with regard to this piece are its size and the work of the sculptor, who has managed to convey the tenderness of motherhood in this work of undeniable interest. The piece has an interesting polychromy.

The back of the image is hollow. It is probably from Santa Maria de Gualter.

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