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Bronze Age


After the Chalcolithic period came the Bronze Age (2200 BC – 700 BC), during which the metallurgy of this metal (an alloy of copper and tin) was discovered.

Bronze-Age man lived mainly in hut settlements characterised by a certain early town planning. Agriculture, farming, hunting, fishing and gathering remained their economic mainstay, but we already see a division of labour.

Most tools were made from bronze but the use of stone and bone tools continued. Their dress was complemented by bronze ornaments but they continued to wear the ornaments they previously used and made others out of new materials (dentalium, amber, glass, etc.).

Funeral practices are practically a continuation of the Chalcolithic. The most notable difference lies in some of the constituent elements of grave goods: carinated pottery vases with the addition of a button on the handle, bronze tools and ornaments, and other ornaments made out of amber and glass.

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