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Dolmen de Llanera

Dolmen de Llanera

The museum in the region

The Dolmen de Llanera, also known as the Dolmen de la Vila or Torre dels Moros, is located in the municipality of Torà, in the parish of Llanera. Typologically, it is what is known as a Catalan Gallery with mound and is one of the largest megalithic tombs in Catalonia. It was excavated in 1917 by Fr. Joan Serra i Vilaró and re-excavated in the 1970s under the archaeologist Miquel Cura. Chronologically, its construction dates back to the end of the Neolithic period (2500-2200 BC) although it was reused in diverse subsequent eras.

It has been reinforced and is in a good state of conservation, which has transformed it into a major tourist attraction. Nonetheless, it is not the most common type of megalithic tomb that can be found in the El Solsonès district.

The materials excavated from this megalithic monument are on display at the Museu Diocesà i Comarcal de Solsona.

It is reached by driving to L’Hostal Nou (Llobera) and taking the old road to Torà, turning off at the first left exit signposting La Vila. Continue along the dirt track and take the path on the left. Leave the car at La Vila and walk down a path heading West towards some fields. Walk around the fields and take the southbound track that will take you to the megalith.

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