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Iberian village of El Castellvell
Iberian village of El Castellvell

Iberian village of El Castellvell

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This Iberian village is located on the hill to the west of El Castellvell (Olius, Solsonès). It is a large village and possibly the district’s oldest inhabited site. It may have acted as a sort of capital over the other Iberian settlements in the area. Chronologically, it dates from the 7th-6th century BC, at the height of the Iron Age, to mediaeval times with a period of splendour in the late Iberian Era, 3rd century BC.

The site was partially excavated by Fr. Serra Vilaró in the mid-20th century. Since 2007 the CEL team (Centre d’Estudis Lacetani) has carried out annual digs there. Hence, this archaeological site is currently under study.

To reach it from Solsona, take the road to St. Climenç, the C149, and after about 3 km. take the exit to Castellvell. From here, pass the ruins of the Romanesque church and head West and up a path to the top of the hill.

Photography: Centre d’Estudis Lacetans

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