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book of signatures. Salt Museum of Cardona

  • Lluís Vermell i Busquets
  • Leather & paper
  • 45 x 34 x 8 cm
  • 1860
  • Origin: Cardona (El Bages)

MDCS 2715

In this book, Fr. Riba is paid tribute by numerous visitors who, at the end of their visit to the Salt Museum, left a record of their impressions with enthusiastic mentions of the objects and the person who made it possible to see them.

Bishops, ministers, governors, famous artists and a long list of visitors issued high praise for the collection.

In this book, however, there is a page of note: the one shown to visitors that allows them to admire the extraordinary technique and skill of the sculptor Lluís Vermell, who drew on it his self-portrait and the portrait of his friend Fr. Riba.

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