Museum of Solsona




Altarpiece. The Last Supper

  • Attributed to Jaume Ferrer I
  • Tempera on wood
  • 115 x 327 x 8.5 cm
  • Second quarter of the 15th century
  • Origin: church of Santa Constança de Linya, Navès (El Solsonès)?


Representation of the last supper presided over by the central figure of the Cosmic Christ with the globe, sharing the table with the Apostles and, unusually, the figure of Mary Magdalene. On the table are a variety of representative utensils of Catalan cuisine from the turn of the 15th century, including dishes and plates of the Ave Maria series from Manises. The representation of domestic animals under the table, together with the dynamic attitude of the Apostles, give a very realistic air to the whole composition. Given its large size, it has traditionally been considered a predella of a large altarpiece, although it could also have been a large panel hung in a refectory. Of uncertain origin, it appears to have reached the museum via Santa Constança de Linya.

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