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Frieze with sculptural reliefs

Fight over the hunt

  • Attributed to the workshop of Gilabert de Tolosa
  • Stone sculpture
  • 24 x 71 x 20 cm
  • 12th century
  • Origin: Cal Manel (C/ Castell), Solsona (El Solsonès)

MDCS 121

The scene represented on this stone slab appears to be a struggle over the possession of a hare.

The figure on the left is brandishing a dagger and grabbing the hair of the person who is using a spear to protect the hare he is holding in the other hand. The third figure appears to be pointing to the owner of the hare with the index figure of his right hand.

This work can be linked to the circle of Gilabert de Tolosa.

It was found in 1948 in a house on carrer de Sant Domènec (now carrer Castell) of Solsona being used as a lintel.

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