Museum of Solsona

37, 1-2
37, 1-2

37, 1-2



  • Mestre de la Dormició de Solsona
  • Oil and tempera painting on wood
  • 131.5 x 60 x 3 cm (Saint Peter)
  • 131 x 60.5 x 3 cm (Saint Paul)
  • Start of the 16th century

MDCS 37, 1-2

Two panels from the same unidentified altarpiece of unknown origin. For its size and format, it seems likely to have consisted of two correlative compartments of the main body or the sides – not the predella. The pictorial field of each work is dominated by a full-bodied figure on the right, located on the typical symbolic stage reserved for the depiction of sacred characters: the tiled floor of a room enclosed by a low wall behind which there is a landscape.

Saint Peter is represented with huge keys in his right hand and an open book in his left. Saint Paul is carrying a sword and a closed book.

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