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39. 1-2
39. 1-2

39. 1-2



  • Mestre de la Dormició de Solsona
  • Oil painting and tempera on wood
  • 98.5 x 99.5 x 7 cm (Dormition)
  • 91.5 x 98 x 8 cm (Madonna of the Milk)
  • Start of the 16th century

MDCS 39. 1-2

Two panels of unknown origin that appear to be compartments of the main body of the same altarpiece dedicated to the Virgin Mary. The scene of the Dormition shows Mary lying in bed with a candle in her hand surrounded by the Apostles who are keeping watch. The compartment of the Madonna of the Milk shows the Madonna on a throne, feeding the baby Jesus who is lying naked on her lap. Both scenes feature a tiled floor.

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