Museum of Solsona



Bronze Age


  • Pottery
  • 30.5 x 29 Ø cm. (1443)
  • 26.5 x 23 Ø cm. (1442)
  • 28 x 23 Ø cm. (1452)
  • Origin: Cova del Segre. Baronia de Rialb (La Noguera)

MDCS 1443, 1442, 1452


During the Late Bronze Age, open-air camps are the most common types of dwelling, although caves are still inhabited. These three vases with similar cord decoration and applied nipples for domestic use are a representative sample of the remains unearthed in 1917 by J. Serra i Vilaró in the Cova del Segre (Baronia de Rialb), revealing how this cave was used as a stable habitat during this period.

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