Museum of Solsona

1795, 7154, 7155 i 7156

1795, 7154, 7155 i 7156



  • Shell (pectuncle)
  • 8.1 cm Ø x 0.9 cm (largest bracelet)
  • Middle Neolithic
  • Origin: El Cerc. Olius (El Solsonès)

MDCS 1795, 7154, 7155 and 7156


Four pectuncle (shell) bracelets – mollusc of the lamellibranch class – with a maximum diameter of 8 cm. They were obtained by making an incision or cut in the shell itself.

Together with the remains of other bracelets, two pieces of perforated shell and a trapezoid of flint, they were part of the grave goods that accompanied the skeletal remains of a middle Neolithic tomb, probably a cist.


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